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Quick Facts About Humane Animal Removal

Even before your home was built, wild animals used to refer to space as their home. As this open space becomes occupied by a house, animals have no other option apart from getting closer to the humans. Wild animals think that humans are predators. If you find a wild animal in your house, the animal is usually very frightened of you than you are of it.

How to Remove an Animal in a humane way

 The first thing you should do is to turn off the lights in the room where the animal is. Ensure that there is only one exit point in the room blocking off access to the other rooms of the house. The exit point can be a door or a window.
Leave the room for about half an hour to give the animal enough time to find its way out.
If the 30 minutes are over, and the animal is still in the room use a towel or sheet to gently herd the animal towards the exit.

If the animal cannot find the exit you can use removal services such as Denver Bat Removal.

How to Remove a Deceased Animal:

 As the property owner, you have the responsibility of disposing of the remains of the animals if it’s already dead.
You can put the remains in a garbage bag.
You can then bury the remains 7 inches deep away from bodies of water, sidewalks, roads and trails.
If it’s a large animal, contact your county or city department.

A good humane animal removal company should ensure that there is safety for both you and the animal itself.

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