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Tips When Working with a Wildlife Removal Company

If you are looking to hire a humane animal removal company, you need to hire a professional company that uses effective practices. The company should not only ensure that the animals are removed, but also will not get back. When removing the animals, it’s very important to ensure that the animal is not harmed in any way. The company should also ensure that baby animals are united with their parents whenever possible. So, how will you know that the company you intend to hire will do an ethical and effective job?

Ask for a written estimate and inspection

It is not going to be easy for any company to assess the job or the project over the phone. However, the company should give you a rundown of their fees and services. Any fee that should be charged for the on-site inspection should cover only the job that is contracted. Ask the company for identity during the on-site visit:

A good, reputable company should provide pictures to demonstrate how the structure is being used by the animal and what needs to be done to make sure the structure is wildlife-proof.

Get exact details on how the challenge and the animals will be handled.

Ask for exact details on how the problem will be fixed and how the animal(s) will be handled.

Are there offsprings that will be abandoned?
All the entry point and any other potential entry points
If the animals are grownups or offspring

Insist on humane techniques
 If the animal is locked inside a structure, insist for exclusion strategies like using the doorway or using hands that will not harm the animal.

Prevent a recurrence of the problem
Ensure that the company adopts an exclusive method that will guarantee against re-entry. The job will not be a success until all the entry points have been identified, and an exclusive material has been used.

Be on the lookout for unethical practices and fees
Do not hire a company with a contract that entails an open-ended clause enabling the company to ask for extra money for removal of any animal that can be trapped on your property. This is not an ethical practice, and it’s not a solution in the long-term.

Get referrals from trusted sources
Obtain a referral from the animal control agency, humane society and the local wildlife rehabilitation. You should also ask the references on the method they used to know that the company incorporates humane practices. Use previous customers as references.

The company should be insured and licensed

Ask for a written assurance that the company complies with local, state and federal regulations. You should also check if the company you intend to hire carries commercial liability insurance and any vital licenses.

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