We are a video production company using digital technology that allows us to shoot and edit professional quality video while keeping production costs low.  We use three CCD chip digital cameras to capture quality video and use professional software to edit and author DVD and video.



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Our production options include:   On-site video shoots, computer edited video, script writing, titles and other graphic elements, transitions and filter effects, voice-overs and narration, copyright free music, scanned stills, various formats for distribution (including DVD, Internet, and DV), as well as custom packaging (DVD sleeves and disc faces, VHS sleeves).   A demo-video is available on request. 


Your business, service, or organization can be showcased using the dynamics of professional video.  Target your audience with effective, informative, and exciting video at a lower cost  than traditional video production.  A new approach is an "interactive digital brochure" on a DVD that gives you the ability to present your product in a compelling and interactive way. 


Short professionally edited video available on your web site is a great way to add distinction and showcase what is special about your product or service.  The video is encoded to streaming standards and is only a click away.  Broadband and DSL users can view a SunCloud Productions short sample video HERE .


Are there safety and procedural issues for which your employees must be trained?  Do people participating in your program need an additional, effective way to understand your system?  Video is a proven way to facilitate education and effectively disseminate information.


A video guide to your product can be inexpensive, informative, and professional.  Supplement your printed user guide with a product video to enhance customer ease of use and satisfaction.


Show that ranch or special property to perspective buyers via video.  Get them interested with the beauty and effectiveness of moving pictures.  It is the perfect way to highlight the benefits and activities in the local area like wildlife, fishing, hunting, boating, skiing, and other resources.


A video can be powerful proof in any contract compliance situation.  For example contractors can document conditions before work begins to stop any bogus damage claims.  Video can show successful contract compliance as work progresses.  Video can show successful contract compliance after the work is finished.  Agencies and businesses can use video to document a wide variety of issues related to contract fulfillment.  Back up proposals or claims with the power of video proof! 


Do you have a special interest, skill, or hobby that you want to share with others?  Would you like to educate others about your expertise?  Do you want to create an educational video or documentary?  We can help you make it a reality with reasonable production costs. 


We are located in Riggins,  the heart of North Central Idaho and much of our work is centered around the outdoors.  We have good stock footage available for sale of wildlife, outdoor recreation, and scenery of our wild rivers, rugged canyons and  awesome mountains peaks.